Transform your internal communication !

Put your team in control

Each week, employees can share an achievement. We agregate them and build the company newspaper. 💪 Boost employee engagement 🚀 Great internal communication.

Test your team

Once per week, we ask a question about the company (history, new products, customers...) to everyone. A great way to share important information. 👏 Built your company culture

Add to Slack

Easy to install

Add GazettePop to Slack in one click. Your coworkers are automatically imported.

Easy to use

Each week, GazettePop creates a gazette and contact your coworkers to get their success. You have nothing to do.

Build for your company

Gazettes and rankings of best answers are available 24/7. Your company culture is stronger.

+500 employees use GazettePop


Is Slack mandatory for GazettePop ?

Yes. Your coworkers will not have to learn a new software or create an account, they already love Slack.

For which companies?

GazettePop is perfect for teams between 30 and 300 people, full remote or not, leaving accross the world or not.

Is the Gazette interactive?

Yes, employees can like and comment on their colleagues' posts.

Can I appoint multiple administrators?

Yes, you can appoint as many administrators as you want.

What language is GazettePop available in?

GazettePop is available in French and English.



or 490€/year

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